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Everybody is Safe Here. [entries|friends|calendar]
Eating Disorder Friends

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[20 Mar 2015|10:46pm]

Hi everyone~Active community alert! (well, will be once YOU join!)

I noticed this community was dead so I thought it would be alright to tell you about my community I am trying to get active again- big_eds I opened big eds in 2009 as a community for bigger girls, however I have recently opened the doors to ALL eating disordered/disordered eating sufferers. We do have open membership with members only posts to protect our members from the outside. We have very few rules besides being kind, so posting is very free and fun!
Please come join me over at big_eds...because eating disorders are big problems.

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Will I ever be better? [27 Mar 2013|06:55pm]
Hello I've never been part of a group like this, I'm just sick of no one understanding what it's like to feel every calorie. The constant need to get rid of fat. I've been bulemic for so long and i dont know if il ever stop. I dont even know if il ever want to stop. I just wish I would stop seeing myself as a fatty and assuming anyone who doesn't talk to me is repulsed by my weight. It's all I think about. The fear of gaining a pound will always be there. I just want to know if anyone understands?
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Hello All! :) [18 Mar 2013|04:07am]

Well hello! :)
My name is Victoria, and I'm 19. I have bulimia, anorexia AND binge eat. I'm a mess I know. Anyways, I'm 5'3 and weigh 93.4 pounds as of this morning. I've had anorexia since I was about 8 years old and bulimia came around when I was about 16 and a couple months ago I started to binge eat. Diagnosed bipolar and may be hospitalized soon for eating disorders and mental. I hope I'm welcome here! :)
- Victoria
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[11 Mar 2013|04:31am]
Hello my name is Giselle I am new here i joined because i am sick and tierd of people trying to understand my disorder, i have bulimia and i dont seem to want to stop, everyone else is preasuring me to stop but i just dont want to! Ive been looking for ways to try to keep my purgeing a seacret how can i do that? And why do people keep on finding out what i have?
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I fucked up [13 Oct 2012|09:02pm]


I really fucked up today. I was doing fine until 7pm when my brother wanted to order pizza! I didn't want to be disrespectful and I didn't want him to notice my disordered eating, so I ate. 3 fucking pieces of pizza. 3. Fucking. Pieces. I felt like crap, but oh no, "lets not stop there" because I had a bowl of cereal right after.
I really need help and will this make me gain weight?? I'm so scared. I actually started crying. Please please give me some advice please.

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[06 Oct 2012|10:59pm]


I had a huge binge tonight. I thought I could be strong and fight against dinner but I was weak as shit and have in.
I didn't purge so I feel huge. I've quit purging so when I binge I feel helpless and out of control.
If anyone can please give me tips on how to lose weight after a binge, and how to get back on track, please help. I need someone ASAP.

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[05 Oct 2012|06:15pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Hi everyone! I'm new here, and still figuring this site out.

My name is Monica! I have what's called restrictive anorexia nervosa.

My mind is tormenting me (like always) but today it's exceptionally worse! On most days, the only meal I eat is dinner. In the morning I will have black coffee, and at lunch, a 1/4 bell pepper. I drink water if I'm hungry throughout the day.

Today I ate so much and I feel like a fat pig. I feel bloated and fat and useless.

I want someone to distract me so I don't eat anymore today. I don't trust myself around food...I get so overwhelmed when I'm at home because there's heaps of food in my house.

Someone please help? Gah I need somebody to talk to.

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[24 Sep 2012|11:37am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi my name is Steph
I'm 17 and greatly over weight, I hate the way I look. I am Bulimic and have mild depression. I am a newbie on here and would love to be friends with anyone so just add away.

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[18 Sep 2012|11:05am]

Hey :) I am Emma, 22 years old and looking for some people I can be-friend and just talk to.
I am restrictive, anorexic with severe OCD and mild depression. 

dont be shy, I don't bite
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Hi there :D [19 Jul 2012|04:51am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey, I'm Markie. 16 years young. Bulimia and purge-type anorexia. Looking to meet other like me and start conversations. Please drop me a friend request or message or both (:


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New : ) [09 Apr 2012|05:47pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Okay hi , my name is Jessie , 
i used to be anorexic but I kinda lost track of myself and I've very disappointed in myself for doing that : ( 
but I'm getting back on track I'd love to get help and support from some new friends , and I'd also love to help and support other people !  I really dont exactly know what to say , it's so hard to find other people to support me and to support and befriend but finally I've found the perfect place ! <3 
okay do umm this is my stats ;
Current height: 5'5
Current weight: 125 D ''''' :
Highest weight: 125
Lowest weight: 85
Short term goal weight: 105
Long term goal weight: 95

I also have a little tip I use daily . Everybody knows to drink a lot of water , but drinking I've water is so much better because it burns like 500 calories a week , and I drink a lot of ice water but I also eat a lot of I've because it's like drinking water but it tricks your body into thinking pure actually eating something ! : ) just saying : ) Lowell I hope I make some friends , and I'd love to get some more tips and tricks ! Thanks : )

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Missing period [cross-posted, sorry] [20 Dec 2011|11:21am]

I know we're not doctors but I wanted to know if anyone's experience this...

I'm not "technically" underweight yet, but I've missed my last 2 periods. I'm not pregnant - I'm on birth control, and even when taking the 7 placebos... I've had no period.
With my height and frame, 107.4 is the point at which I'd be underweight. I've mainly been 108-111 since late September. (I'm currently at my highest weight since the Fall - I'm 113 right now, due to binge drinking and eating carbs to heal my hangover, over the weekend) :/

(I took my pill 3 hours late last weekend and had light spotting for 2 days, which is bizarre to me considering I don't even bleed, much less spot, when I'm on placebos for 7 straight days. ?!)

So anyway, I'm internally wondering if I've lost my period due to being close to underweight? I'm not worried at all - I'm not concerned enough to go to the doctor. I particularly don't care about losing my period - just wondering.
Has anyone else lost their period when you're a few ounces/pounds away from being underweight?

I will be back on my placebos next week. If I, for the THIRD month, miss my period... I'll assume it's due to my weight. After missing it for 3 months, I'll assume it's amenorrhea. ?

(A little of my personal history, if it helps... I never had normal periods, probably due to always having had an eating disorder - since I was 8, and got my first period at 13. But within the past year, after having dropped so much weight due to purging, my period became very NORMAL, I guess because I was at a healthy weight. I got it every month, like clockwork. But now, since being low in weight, it's stopped.)
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Hi there [21 Nov 2011|10:15pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

My name is Jessica and a female (we all hope with my name right?)
I am 21 years old
I was born and raised in Mobile, AL
eating disorder type- Ednos (a mix of them all in a way)
Current height- 5'8
Current weight- 155
Highest weight- 160
Lowest weight- 120
Short term goal weight- 130
Long term goal weight- 115 or lower
My BMI is 24.0 =(((
I need support and people to help me stay focused. I have gained way to much since the last time I was strict to myself and I need some support this go round. Tia

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[02 Oct 2011|11:18pm]

Hi all
I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

Add Me ohrimka89
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More friends, more support at new community, 'luv_is_beauty!' [11 Feb 2011|12:56pm]

 Hey friends!

Just wanted to tell you about luv_is_beauty a new support community for those with/who have recovered from eating disorders! The more friends and support the better, right?! Since luv_is_beauty is so brand spankin' new, its focus is extremely flexible and open to input! Help shape a support community that fits your unique needs!! Come, check out luv_is_beauty and connect with people who understand you!:)

See you there!

PS. I have nothing but respect for ed_friends and do not judge anyone based on their opinions on eating or weight-loss. If you read luv_is_beauty's profile and find that it is not for you, I completely understand. I am not here to offend, or push ideas on anyone; I am simply suggesting you check out a new community to add to your supports on lj! 

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[19 Jul 2011|07:09am]


keep healing xoKLM
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More friends, more ED support at new community: 'luv_is_beauty' [11 Feb 2011|12:43pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know about 'luv_is_beauty,' a new eating disorder support community! The more friends and support the better, right?! As luv_is_beauty  is brand spankin' new, I am very open to suggestions on its' development (within reason of course)! Help shape a new support community! Come, check the profile for [info]luv_is_beauty and see if it's for you!

See you there!

Ps. I have nothing but respect for ed_friends and do not discriminate against anyone's opinions on eating or weight-loss. If you read luv_is_beauty's profile and find that it is not for you, I completely understand. I am not here to offend, or push ideas on anyone; I am simply suggesting you check out a new community to add to your supports on lj!


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[25 May 2011|03:00pm]

Hi guys, I usually only update in my journal or in the 24_7 community and have found lately that I wish I had more LJ friends. Just people who I can give support to when they need it and people who can give support to me when I need it. I comment pretty regularly and have recently started posting with a greater frequency (usually once or twice a day now). Sooo does anyone want to be LJ friends?
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[24 May 2011|07:58pm]


So today went pretty well.
I took xanax last night and it knocked me out pretty good. slept for 12 hours & when i woke up i was still kinda fuzzy so i sat around and did nothing for a little. and ate a fiber one bar.

When i finally did wake up i drank a redbull, i think it interacted the the xanax a little cus i was buzzing so bad haha. Drank some coffee, and smoked a cigarette and was still buzzing. So i decided to clean my room, and shit its clean now lol.

Dinner time rolled around. unfortunatley i still live with my parents & their on this 'lets eat dinner together' kick. Although idk why. From the time i was 12 & up we RARELY ate as a family ever. I managed to get away with eating 6 frenchfries, and a couple leeks [these mini-onion things..their delicious. haha]

Then i went to zumba, worked my ass off & felt like i was gonna pass out .
But i feel awesome now. Gonna get some sleep & hit the gym tomorow.

Still at 105. :[ but trying to think positvely.

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[25 Apr 2011|11:42pm]
Hey everyone....my name is Vicky...I've been away for a while from these sites and after months of pretty intense therapy am still in recovery a couple years later. The reason I am back on here is because I'm currently going for my Master's Degree and am researching pro-ana sites, thinspo, etc. as a recovering anorexic/bulimic.I  have a short 10 question survey...and it would be AWESOME if you could fill it out for me. I promise you there is no way of me knowing who has filled it out and there is no way for me to track where the answers came from or anything. Thanks in advance...it's really a huge help to me!

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